Photon SDK implementation is based on Photon Unity Networking 2 asset. Core files of this implementation are at the path: RedBjorn/SuperTiles/Multiplayer/Scripts/Runtime/Sdk/Photon.

The dominant class is PhotonSdk

There is a lot of code inside this class, so it was divided into several files. First, let’s consider the PhotonSdk file. This file provides the implementation of INetworkSdk. Second, let’s move to the PhotonSdkCallbacks file. This part of the code handles callback messages received from the PhotonSdk. For example, the NetworkController sends a connect signal and receives an OnConnected message when success occurs.

Third, PhotonSdkEvents is a file for event synonyms. It is recommended to make string events as small as you can, but they can turn into something completely unreadable. That is why we use synonyms. For example, we use PLAYER_READY_KEY inside code but send only the “PR” string over the network.

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