This asset is developed to speed up creation of turn-based games.

To have a better representation of asset functionality you could check several examples of levels, by loading Menu scene:


  • Some of them have square tile grid and some have hex
  • With squad or move range turn rule.

SuperTiles has slightly more than 200 C# scripts, but as it is based on the other asset – ProtoTiles which helps in tile map creation, it consists of 140 C# own scripts. Even though it looks like a lot, most of them match the Single Responsibility Principle, and the average row count of a single script is small enough. SuperTiles code is fully available: no dll or any other libraries. Key points are presented as interfaces or abstract classes to give you a power of easy modification to comply with game features which have not been implemented yet in this asset.

Also, the asset contains a bunch of Editor windows for simplification the process of main stuff creation (items, units, levels). They could be found under Tools/Red Bjorn/Editors submenu

The main purpose of SuperTiles is to become the most helpful asset for creation turn-based games, so it will not stay rigid and will get many updates. To achieve this your feedback is highly needed. Feel free to contact at:



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