This asset extends SuperTiles - turn based engine asset, which adds Multiplayer support. Information about the creation of level, map and units could be found at this SuperTiles documentation.

This document will be about the new feature - Multiplayer. Right now, only one network SDK is supported (PUN). Several new SDK will be added soon.

Current multiplayer implementation uses the idea of deterministic lockstep. If every player shares their input with every other player, the simulation can be run on everyone’s machines with identical input to produce identical output. It means that messages between machines will be tiny, but care must be taken not to violate determinism. Everything which is important for logic should be synchronized: player list, unit list, random and others. But don’t worry, this only applies to new features. All key points in the current asset are already synchronized and just a few steps separate you from your own multiplayer turn-based game!



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